No Frills. All Flavor.

“From the sawdust on the ground to the mounted taxidermy on the walls, Hunter is where modern Texans go to relive the turn of the 19th century. Their dishes are simple, hearty, fresh, and all-around delicious.”

Food Magazine


Best New Watering Hole

“By focusing purely on food and ambience, Hunter provides the authenticity of the Old West without the costumes and playacting of a themed restaurant. You can bring your cowboy boots if you want, but the humble and relaxed atmosphere asks that you come as you are.”

Hungry Times


Rebirth of the Saloon

“Ms. Blackburn has surprised us with her ability to turn pioneer staples into gourmet delights. Her signature cocktails are not merely couched in nostalgia, but are a genuine rebirth of western saloon classics.”

Austin Daily



Food Fit for Cowboys

"When your eggs are accompanied by the long-lost cowboy fry bread, you know you’re in for a treat. The cocktails are expertly crafted and the meals at Hunter are simple yet decadent. The only thing you’ll regret is not having a nap pod to jump into afterwards."

Flavor Profile Magazine


Best Sazerac Outside NOLA

“As a New Orleans native, I’m very particular about my sazeracs. The bartenders at Hunter know how to make the perfect, authentic sazerac. That’s just one example of the meticulous care Ms. Blackburn has put into her saloon/restaurant."

Creole Gourmand


Amazing Beer Selection

“Good food and cocktails are one thing, but this place had me sold with its twenty beers on tap. From your regular joes to your craft brew snobs, Hunter has something for everyone and brings the saloon life back to Texas. All they need now is a pianola.”

Chow Cowboy